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CASA Matters

Children matter. Our volunteers matter. YOU matter. CASA Matters. 

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“To me, volunteering is a way to give back to the world all of the blessings I have received. It is the one gift that goes beyond money and that touches lives in a positive way,”

It is about celebrating the values of service and giving back to our communities, both local and transnational. There is so much we can do to make a positive impact here in our own backyard. This year, CASA of Morris and Sussex Counties is again joining the global movement, and we want to double our impact.

“I have seen the frustrations, struggles and ongoing cycles that are created. I have developed a great sense of empathy and a greater understanding for those struggling. In addition, I have met some genuinely amazing people, including the resource family, various professional staff, caseworkers and many others who work hard in the best interest of these children.”

“Stephen brings a sense of calmness into the lives of children who very often find themselves in chaos.”

“For me, volunteering is about both community service and personal enrichment. It has been a way to learn new skill-sets, gain knowledge and make professional and personal connections in my community,” Liz said. “During times when my employment has not been a source of satisfaction or pride, volunteering has provided an opportunity to pursue my passion for helping others.”

“Without question, my favorite part about being a volunteer advocate has been the growing relationship between my CASA kids and me. It has been so meaningful to see the way their lives have changed now that they are in a stable environment.”


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