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CASA Matters

Children matter. Our volunteers matter. YOU matter. CASA Matters. 

Welcome to our blog! Check back for volunteer spotlights, CASA news, and matters we care about most. 


  • “Without question, my favorite part about being a volunteer advocate has been the growing relationship between my CASA kids and me. It has been so meaningful to see the way their lives have changed now that they are in a stable environment.”

  • “Michael is a longtime advocate who continues to spread the CASA mission and makes a profound impact on the youth he serves.”

  • “Volunteering is important because it humbles you. It reminds you that there are people who are suffering, struggling, and that no matter what their circumstances are, they are worthy of attention. It takes you outside of your personal bubble, keeps your eyes open to what is easily ignored, and forces you to be selfless. “

  • Go Blue for CASA served to raise awareness of the traumas suffered by children who are victims of abuse and neglect, and raised funds to support advocacy for these vulnerable children.

  • Through the hard work of over 1,400 past and current CASA volunteers, the lives of 5,500 children, who were victims of abuse and neglect, have been forever changed.

  • “I feel that it is very important to volunteer in my community. After I retired, I knew I was going to miss children, so the CASA organization was a perfect match. Being a CASA, I have an opportunity to ‘give back.'"

  • "I am always learning. It has been a worthwhile endeavor, and I feel I am making a difference in those lives I have touched. My favorite part about being a CASA is being able to help those who are hurting. “

  • “My favorite part of being an advocate is witnessing, first hand, the resiliency of the human spirit.”


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