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Celebrating Diversity

With the advance of technology and communication platforms, we are ever more connected than in the past to people in different parts of the world who may not share the same language, culture, or outlook in life. Furthermore, communities we live in can comprise people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Diversity is all around us and should be embraced, celebrated, and shared. Rather than what separates us, we should focus on what we have in common.  Here are some ways you can embrace diversity:

  1. Learn about other cultures by visiting an exhibition, local community celebration, or museum that celebrates the heritage of others.
  2. Find out more about another religion. This may give you a different lens to view the world.
  3. Watch an international movie. Movies are not just made in Hollywood. Seek out movies made in other countries, which may give you a glimpse of different cultures and traditions.
  4. Listen to music from a different culture. Even if you don’t understand the language, you can still immerse yourself in the beat and feel the emotional reaction from it. You may learn a few phrases in that language just by knowing the song.
  5. Participate in a sport that is prevalent in another country. You may be able to join a local match that’s taking place in your own neighborhood.
  6. Spend some time learning a board game from another culture.
  7. Grab a cookbook or find a recipe from different ethnic cuisines and get cooking.
  8. Learn traditional folk stories from other cultures. Visit your local library and browse through their selections.
  9. Volunteer for an organization that focuses on diversity and inclusion. Not only will it have a meaningful impact on the community, but it is a great way for you to learn about different viewpoints.
  10. Try out a new language. Even if you learn a few phrases, native speakers will appreciate you making the effort to do so.

CASA of Morris and Sussex Counties is intent on elevating its social justice efforts and inclusivity to the overall workings of the organization including governance, policy and behavioral practice. The focus of our organization, to serve children and youth in foster care in Morris and Sussex Counties, engages community volunteers who often reflect a different racial/ethnic and socioeconomic demographic than the children we serve. The goal of this work is to ensure a cultural shift within our organization through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) principles.  We are embarking on a journey to incorporate DEI&B in every aspect of the CASA organization.

CASA is taking the next step to ultimately build a dedicated strategic plan that outlines goals and objectives, and a clear path of execution and measurement of its DEI&B strategy, programs, and multi-channel communications in partnership with key internal and external stakeholders. Our goal is always to better serve the children and families in the child welfare system in Morris and Sussex Counties.