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Volunteer Spotlight: Ron Cattafi

June’s Volunteer Spotlight shines on Ron Cattafi, who has served as a volunteer advocate for 3 years. Ron is currently advocating on his third case, which opened in August of 2015.

Ron’s previous case saw the reunification of a 16-year-old boy and his biological mother. His current case concerns two young brothers who have been placed together in a non-relative resource home.

“After retiring from being a counselor, I was searching for a way to continue to give back,” Ron said. “My CASA work has filled that need. Being a man of faith, reaching out to those in need has been a major part of my life.”

Prior to his retirement, Ron served as an elementary school teacher and high school guidance counselor in northern New Jersey for 35 years. His many years in the public school system certainly guide his work as a volunteer advocate.

“I have a wealth of experience in dealing with young adults. I see how the relationship with my CASA kids has evolved from caution to warm acceptance,” Ron said.

His current case has been open for almost 2 years. The two boys will soon be adopted by their resource parents.

Ron said, “Without question, my favorite part about being a volunteer advocate has been the growing relationship between my CASA kids and me. It has been so meaningful to see the way their lives have changed now that they are in a stable environment.”

“It has been a pleasure serving as Ron’s supervisor. His relationship with the boys and the foster family has eased the trauma that these children suffered,” said Jack Fraebel, CASA Case Supervisor.

Ron additionally shows commitment to the CASA mission by serving on the recently created Education Committee, which aims to provide services in tutoring and college preparation, as well as guidance for biological and resource parents in navigating the special education system.

Thank you so much, Ron, for your dedication and unyielding energy in advocating for the best interests of children.