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Volunteer Spotlight: Susan Brezina

Our January Volunteer Spotlight falls on Susan Brezina, who has been a dedicated volunteer advocate for over 3 years.

Susan is currently working on her third case, which opened in December of 2015.

“Giving back has always been important to me. As a former teacher, I have had many moments when I knew I made a difference in a child's life,” Susan said. “It seemed natural to gravitate towards CASA.”

Susan advocated on behalf of two brothers in care during her first case, which was open for over 1 year.

“My very first case was challenging. The birth mother had minimum support. I was able to help her find an apartment and help furnish it. A shout out to friends garnered overwhelming support. Furniture, kitchen items, and bedding was provided by so many. The birth mother and children were so appreciative,” Susan said.

Debbie West, Susan’s CASA Case Supervisor, noted the impact Susan has made as a volunteer advocate.
“A year after one of her cases closed, the birth mother came to the courthouse to drop off a framed picture of the boys for Susan. She wanted to let Susan know how much she appreciated her advocacy.”

Debbie also applauded Susan’s willingness to consistently go above and beyond.

“Susan is very resourceful; she is always seeking additional community services to benefit the family,” Debbie said. “She works well with young mothers, instructing them on setting up bank accounts and teaching them to be educational advocates for their children.”

Susan added, “As a CASA I feel I have put my talents to work. I am always learning. It has been a worthwhile endeavor, and I feel I am making a difference in those lives I have touched. My favorite part about being a CASA is being able to help those who are hurting. “

Thank you, Susan, for all you do and for your continued efforts on behalf of vulnerable children in foster care.