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Volunteer Spotlight: Megan Sager

Our Volunteer Spotlight falls on Megan Sager, who has made a significant impact as a CASA

Megan was sworn in as an advocate in the fall of 2015, and began her first case in January

“Though I am still relatively new to CASA, I am grateful to be useful in some little way that
may benefit someone in the long run. I have already witnessed, through my limited
experience, that children value people more than material things and typical creature
comforts,” Megan said.

Currently, Megan is working with a tween girl in a non-relative foster home.

“Megan visits her CASA child regularly,” said Diane Dinklage, Case Supervisor. “She likes to
knit and she taught her how to knit the first time they met.”
Megan added, “it was a good ice breaker for that first meeting and gave us some things to talk about and follow-up on when we met again.”

Volunteering has become a cornerstone of Megan’s life. “I think volunteering opens up
opportunities to engage, more meaningfully, with different parts of communities. It also
facilitates the creation of more personal relationships. And these relationships, often with
people we might never have met, are one of the building blocks to making a positive
difference in the world,” she said.

Megan additionally commented, “My favorite part of being an advocate is witnessing, first
hand, the resiliency of the human spirit.”

Thank you, Megan, for your dedication and continued passion for the CASA mission.