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Volunteer Spotlight: Jill Bellaus

Our Volunteer Spotlight falls on Jill Bellaus, who has been committed to the CASA mission since being sworn in as a volunteer in 2012.

Jill is currently advocating for her third case as a CASA volunteer.

“I think every American should volunteer in some way. Being a CASA has opened me up to a world of wonderful people who are truly special: the families I’ve worked with, my supervisor, and the other volunteers,” Jill said.

In her first case, which lasted for almost a year and a half, Jill was instrumental in the child’s adoption by her biological grandmother.

“I got to know the family very well, and I was able to understand their limitations and opportunities. They truly opened up to me.”

The child’s grandmother wrote Jill a letter following the adoption, wherein she shared that the success of the case was genuinely due to Jill’s determination in advocating for her granddaughter’s best interest.
Jill stated that being a CASA volunteer has made a tremendous impact on her life. She said, “being a CASA has certainly broadened my perspective. It has also been good for me to share some of my experiences with my son, to help him understand the advantages he is fortunate to have.”

“What I was looking for was meaningful volunteer work. And in volunteering with CASA that’s exactly what I found.”

Thank you, Jill, for your positive attitude and unyielding dedication to CASA.